The meanings of abbreviations

Short explanations of abbreviations to foreign visitors:

In Finland we have special sleddog trials, trials are of two types:
1) Racing test
Racing test is held at a sled dog race.
The following merits/prizes are used for the racing test:
Excellent (REK1)
Good (REK2)
Accepted (REK3)
Disqualified (REK0)
The merits are reached according to the following table:
Base time when the number of competing teams are:
2–10 The 2 firsts average time
11–20 The 3 firsts average time
Over 21 The 4 firsts average time

Excellent REK1 Time under 105 % of base time
Good REK2 Time under 120 % of base time
Accepted REK3 Time under 130 % of base time
Disqualified REK0 Time over 130 % of base time
When calculating the base times, only teams consisting of dogs of the same breed are counted and the trial merits are granted for different breeds separately.

2) Working test
Working test consists of two parts, driving section and obedience section, where the qualities of the participating dog are judged.
Working test can be held in team dog class (REKÄ-YLE) or leader dog class (REKÄ-JOH).

The driving section is driven in a terrain which includes:
- Road or corresponding clear track
- Terrain, where there is no clearly noted track
In the driving section the following parts are evaluated:
A) turns to the right and left (0-5 points)
B) full about turn (0-5 points)
C) crossing a road (0-5 points)
D) halting the dog (0-5 points)
E) encountering a moving vehicle (0-5 points)
F) encountering an another team (0-5 points)
G) general control of the dog (0-5 points)
H) working motivation (0-10 points)
Obedience section (0-5 points)
Co-operation and conduct (0-10 points)

The following merits are used in the Working test:
Excellent REKÄ1 = 53-60 points
Good REKÄ2 = 40-52 points
Accepted REKÄ3 = 32-39 points
Disqualified REKÄ0 = Less than 32 points or 0 points in any of a-h parts or in evaluating conduct or co-operation

Working test points
Sections a-h maximum 45 points.
Obedience and conduct and co-operation maximum 15 points.
Alltogether maximum 60 points.

If you want to learn more, go to Finnish Siberian Husky Club's site: Trial rules for sled dogs